"How you can become the Absolute Best Bellydancer you can be and totally AWE your audience every time... Guaranteed ! !"


"I walked into my first class with Amira in October of 2003. I was an astonishing 62 pounds heavier then. I felt awkward and out of place as I stood waiting for the class to begin. I just knew in my heart that I wouldn't be very good at this but I had to try.

From the moment she took her place at the head of the class she had my undivided attention. She never made me feel awkward even when it was hopelessly obvious that I didn't know what I was doing. She just encouraged me to keep going. Never apologize for being who you are. Embrace it and dance. Since then my waistline has dropped and my confidence has risen. She helped me to remember what it was like to feel strong and sexy at the same time.

I have had many opportunities to watch Amira dance and she never ceases to absolutely captivate me. She is as knowledgeable in technique as she is passionate about her art form. She is a capable yet patient teacher and a mesmerizing performer. She possesses an inner strength that is both calming and empowering. "

Sheryl Ison-Student, Windsor, CA - Troupe Member and Performer


Dear Fellow Bellydancer:

I know where you are right now. I’ve been there, and I know what you’re thinking -


You feel like you have not achieved your potential as a dancer.


You don’t know where to go for training that will work for you.


You are tired of throwing your money away on classes and videos that don’t help you with your specific issues.


You feel unfocused, directionless and uncreative.


You are tired of knowing that you want so much more, but not knowing how to get it.


You feel held back by something, but not sure what.


You are tired of feeling like you should be better, you want to be good, you want to be able to soar in the dance….

I know exactly how you feel!

How do I know that? Because I was a professional dancer, getting lots of work, and one day I saw myself on video….

I came to a stunning realization…

After 10 years as a dancer, making good money,


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I needed to re-learn everything

 - right from the beginning!


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afric I decided to remake myself, literally from the ground up. I started with a personal dance trainer from the best dance school in the WORLD, and I recreated myself into a strong, graceful, creative and expressive dancer. Through this process, I have created a practical, results driven program that I’ve been using with my own dance company and students for years now, and achieving AMAZING results!

ANYBODY can Bellydance if you have the right teacher!!!

It doesn’t matter where you are now… Whether you have never danced and want to learn to Bellydance, or if you’ve been dancing but feel uncoordinated, tripping over your own feet, or can’t seem to learn a choreography, or if you’re a decent dancer who wants to become a STUNNING DANCER…



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how do water and sugar molecules connect With this unique system, you can achieve the absolute BEST you are capable of as a dancer, whether you’re just starting out or have been dancing for years.

This program creates real results for any dancer like yourself -


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craigslis You will discover and understand your body strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them

You will understand your unique posture and positioning flaws


You CAN do it! You can do what is necessary to achieve

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results –

Imagine what your life will be like when...


You completely MASTER your muscles, one at a time!


You gain energy and technique in leaps and bounds in the studio!


You have complete confidence and true passion in performance!



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locat finally
create a career in dance!

You move forward with great momentum!


You finally experience both personal and creative freedom!


"Having performed and studied with Amira for over 15 years, I can testify both to her skill and creativity as a dancer and her dedication to the art form.

Amira’s command of dance technique is superb and is based upon a dedication to the classical forms of Egyptian Raqs al Sharki. Her dancing is supported and enlivened by her deep study of Egyptian culture, both ancient and modern. In terms of physical preparation and technique, she demands much of both herself and her students, but the result is superlative technique in performance. Her choreography is exciting and creative. Her background as a professional musician gives her an unsurpassed sense of how to match movement to music, and this is evident in the sure artistry with which she creates dances both for herself and for others.

Other things that distinguish her are her unusually highly developed skill as a drummer, her professionalism and business experience, and her unselfishness and openness as a person."

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--Kirk Templeton, Wind Mountain Institute /Martial Arts trainer/ Middle Eastern Percussionist


What will these classes do for you?

You’ll be SHOCKED to find out!

You can benefit from my decades of personal experience identifying and overcoming hurdle after hurdle and have your own personal guide to take you past your own bellydance hurdles.

What makes this program different?

In a very short time -


You will gain self confidence through posture, grace, strength and endurance


You will be able to define your goals as a dancer and go for what you want to achieve


You WILL feel better, look better and DANCE better!


You will learn from someone who understands YOUR problems and roadblocks, having experienced them, who will personally guide you past those hurdles to the next level and beyond


You will come away from each classes a stronger and more professional dancer

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For professional dancers, you will also have access to:

25 years of sales and marketing experience


You will learn how to get restaurant gigs and negotiate your price


You will discover how to market yourself on someone else’s dollar

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mixed wrestling san francisco You will see how you can build a costume wardrobe on a budget

You will learn how to avoid performance disasters so they how do water and sugar molecules connect

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Where to find all the best: information, supplies, music and so much more!


"It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning dancer wanting to learn RIGHT from the start, or an experienced dancer wanting to achieve AMAZING improvements in style and body posture – this format will work for you…. Guaranteed!!"


What makes this program different? Great question!

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First and foremost, you will learn from my struggles with every body and positioning flaw there is, and benefit from the solutions to those flaws from personal experience!


You will understand Middle Eastern rhythm and music from the perspective of a trained musician and drummer so that the expression of it through the dance is as easy as breathing


You will learn everything you need to know about costuming, make-up, stage presentation… all these things and more!

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You will discover how to work around body lines/weakness/flaws in dance and costume style and how to creatively camouflage them through costuming and accenting your unique looks and presentation


Whatever your challenge, we’ll find a solution for it together


You will benefit from years of experimentation, growth and expansion


You will learn advanced skills in improvisational zill-work


Classes cover all the novelty acts: cane, sword, zill, veil, floor and much more


You will be able to perform choreography and free-form dance, and gain the skills necessary for each style


For dancers studying here in my studio, there is also the possibility of progressing into the dance company


For dancers studying via video, you may email me any time, and you can also be provided with an in-depth analysis of your dancing when you submit your video, to create a CUSTOM STUDY PLAN AND ANALYSIS just for you! This is an amazing bonus that no other dance teacher is currently providing, valued at $347!!!

Here are just a few things you will gain by working through this program, whether you can attend live classes, workshops, or simply learning by video in your own home:


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In ONE SIMPLE STEP, you will learn how to achieve and maintain a perfect body posture. If you do this easy exercise, you’ll keep that posture for the REST of your life!

LOSE WEIGHT, firm up, get great endurance!


Let go of your excuses not to perform, improve, excel and just plain have FUN!!


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Release your "thinking" brain and just DO it when it comes to learning steps, combinations and complete dances

Turn stage fright into fearless expression


Own your audience with confidence


Your grace, balance, posture and stage presence build daily


You prove them wrong by earning an income doing work you love


You know what holds you back and how to move beyond it


Simply, put... In just a very short time, you will move from feeling like you do now,

to feeling like a real dancer:

confident, beautiful, creative!


Imagine all the amazing results you will achieve as a dancer by ELIMINATING your roadblocks, OVERCOMING your challenges, and fully EXPRESSING the dancer in you!

This is your chance to give up the ‘geek dancer’ (your imperfect dance style) and become the True Expression of Dance you always felt was inside you!

The best results from studying this format? You will IMMEDIATELY experience better posture, better positioning and better stage presence if you apply the techniques.

So how do you participate in this Unique Dance Improvement Program?

It's as easy as 1,2,3...


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One...sign up for our newsletter and receive this exclusive Special Report, "7 Secrets to a Flawless Performance" (a $57 value)

Two...BONUS...for registering, you will also receive a valuable e-workbook titled, "What’s Stopping Me?" (a $27 value). This e-work book will help you discover what is stopping you on a mental/emotional level from achieving your ultimate success as a dancer and performer. You will learn what I have learned through many years of experience...the foundation for creating and doing the creative work you love!


Three...One more BONUS...You will benefit from articles, success stories and secrets of successful dancers! Plus, learn expert tips, tools and techniques to increase your momentum and build your reputation as a dancer!

So sign up now, at absolutely NO cost, and find out how you can become the absolute best dancer possible even with no experience and get ready to hear the ahhhh’s from your audience!


Please enter your information below to receive your bonuses and subscribe to our newsletter...


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What are your specific dance/fitness goals:

Please check all that apply:

I am a beginning dancer

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I am a professional/paid dancer

I am interested in learning how to market myself as a dancer

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If you have any trouble with the form, please email your information to me at enchantmentunlimited@prodigy.net and I'll get you signed up.